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Love and dating / 10 things to know before dating a fashion blogger / Dating / relationship in Fashion

This days, everyone seems to own a blog or work for someone who owns one. But, fashion bloggers are very specific lot, and you are looking at dating a fashion blogger or getting into a relationship with someone who has a blog or you are in one already, this post is for you. These are 10 things to know before dating a fashion blogger;


  1. Photography skill:  Most importantly, you need a photography skill. Yes, this skill is more valuable than a trust fund and six foreign languages. I once posted a quote that says “blogger and photographer boyfriend=my kind of couple goal”. Sure a blogger can get a good picture using a tripod, but then, you will be well appreciate you if you have ideas about photography or just a good sense about lighting and angles. If you don’t, don’t worry all you have to do is learn.

  2. Never diss the blog or clothes: “When are you going to get a real job?” Is a nasty thing to say to anybody in any field, but people think it’s okay to say to a blogger. I remember getting comments like; blogging is just a waste of your time, blogging is a low income business. All could say at that time is”well it’s my hobby”. If as a blogger, whether full-time or part-time, is able to pay taxes, pay rents, fees, clothe themselves, then it’s a real job. You don’t have to be interested in fashion, but dismissing it is rude.

  3. Laundry is not a mindless chores: Doing your own laundry is essential. Doing your partner’s laundry is a very nice gesture, not if your going to throw everything you see into a hot tub and leave it for 24 hours. I remember the first time my boyfriend helped with my laundry. Oh my God! It was a messy mess. All my white clothes were literally turned brown and I must say I was extremely pissed especially when it had to do with my fancy and expensive tops and gowns. Please take care of your own laundry and leave the weird stuff to the professionals.

  4. You can’t wear whatever you want: Dating a fashion blogger can be very tasking. If you are also interested in fashion, that is fantastic. Shared interest keeps the relationship alive and helps to make great blog content. But if you intend on wearing those giant trousers and shirts you can sleep in for a date, well it’s going to change except you prefer to have those awkward conversations every time.


  1. Stay away from scissors: This doesn’t apply to all fashion bloggers but if you’re dating one that makes clothes, please stay away from his or her scissors. Seriously, if the house is burning down and the only way to escape to freedom is the scissors, well you’re just going to accept frailty of your human existence. I don’t like looking for studs when especially those stuffs that have to do with my business, so yes! Stay away from them.

  2. Ask, Ask, Ask again: I hate looking for something especially when I’m really sure of where I left it. So Mr/Miss ask before you pick up the scissors, ask before you move those shoes, ask before you decide to put on that shirt, ask again. Leave the messy house like that and get on your laptop and watch a movie on Netflix. You will be very surprise how this little things can lead to something out of proportion.

  3. Be prepared to be alone during fashion week: lolz! this is actually so true. I have a friend who is dating a fashion blogger, he complains about his girlfriend not having time for him when they go for fashion events, because of  paparazzi taking pictures here and there. He was really lamenting so he asked how he can cope(hint: How to cope with a fashion blogger girlfriend-next post). During fashion week you might as well be dating a ghost and you might feel you are single. Please if you can’t cope don’t follow him/her to the event.

  4. Be prepared to read about yourself: Ehen! This is very important. Don’t go about telling people he/she wrote this and that about you on his/her blog. It will happen, sometimes intentional and other times not intentional. Bloggers are writers, and when dating any writer one must be prepared to see oneself in  print. If you have a problem with that try to establish boundaries ahead of time.

  5. Buying gifts is hard: shopping for someone with specific, esoteric taste is very difficult and remember she will write about it, you won’t want her saying you got her something very ridiculous. I think the best thing to do is ask except it’s a surprise.

  6. You will attend cool events: If you’re willing to get a little bit dressed up, you can probably go along to all the coolest events bloggers get invited to. Be ready to eat, drink and mingle.


Dating a fashion blogger is really fun😀 remember it’s a love affair with fashion.




HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.


  • Linda

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    Hmmm … dating a blogger is not a small something


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    This post is lovely. You highlighted and treated all the issues at once, I’m not yet a fashion blogger and I don’t have an aspiring photographer boyfriend but this was totally worth reading and honestly detailed.

    I just read this one good post and you got me, I subscribed!♥


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    …Or not as I couldn’t find any place to😳

    • Lydia Ekeng

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      Oh dear. Pls check back on my next post. I’ll sort it out


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