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Takway Bay Beach With OWTB// The Safest beach in Nigeria

Hello fun lovers!  I hope you’re doing great? I had this amazing trip to Takway Bay Beach for the second time, I never got the opportunity to write about it the first time(didn’t start blogging then).


Tarkway bay beach

On this wonderful Saturday morning we started a trip to Takway bay beach
Takwa bay beach is a united community of peaceful Nigerian located at the habour entrance. The beach is popular with swimmers and water sport enthusiasts and a welcome resident population. A breeze blows gently in the air and the waters are tamed. Far in a distance there is nothing to see, just a seemingly endless stretch of the Atlantic. A banner positioned within sight describe the beach as ‘the safest beach in Nigeria’.

The going was rough

To get to Takway Bay Beach(TBB) we took a speed canoe from Mekwe beach(jetty) near Bonny camp. The cost per person was unknown since we went in group but, after asking, I was told it’s about #1000. For those that worry about where to park their vehicle, worry less. It’s about #500 for the day.

Sea ports

The boat trip took about 20minutes. We had views of some hotels, banks, towers and headed towards the open ocean.  The boat ride was a fun but scary one for me, especially when we had to stop in the middle of the ocean for God knows what.

Toyosi enjoying the lift😀
Grand entrance

Upon arrival, I couldn’t but marvel at the wonder of nature. The first thing I noticed upon arrival on the beach besides the soothing ambiance are dozens of eye catching recliner seats lined up in straight lines and some surfers and strollers around the beach.. We were given a warm welcome by the locals. Each of us were carried from the boat to the dry land so we don’t get to wet our shoes and clothes. They also assisted with our coolers and luggages which came with a little cost. The entrance fee is about #1000 per person.

Gist time
Oh! My best part

OWTB had arranged a nice spot for us with a DJ(DJ locals). The DJ did a very good job I must say. He was friendly and I got to charge my phone with him and he didn’t complain at all.
We got settled at about 11:30am. We introduced ourselves had some snacks and had a photo session with one of the sponsors @dextersmultimedia then we took a walk past the beach towards the ocean where I had a swim in the ocean, Lolz! This is my best part and the reason why I love visiting Takway Bay beach. The water had several plastic bags and containers just close to the shore, this made it dirty and quite unpleasant but going forward the salt water is quite clean with lots of locals swimming and playing sports in it. The beach was clean and tidy at that am sure the locals do lots of clearing up and tidying so visitors can get the comfort they need.

Tarkway bay

Myself and 1😀


Tarkway bay island

Back view😜


Tarkway bay beach


Tarkway bay beach



Tarkway bay beach

The failed jump

At about 2pm,we headed back to the tent to have our lunch. At this time the beach was chocked up with lost of people who also came to have a feel.  We played some games, some of which were the concentration game, the race game where two people were tied leg-to-leg for a race. I and @unserville_fashionist won the race and we were given beautiful slippers as the prize. Yea! I loved it. Thanks @outwiththebloggers. We danced danced danced.

Tarkway bay beach

Coconut juice


Tarkway bay beach

Adire designs


Tarkway bay beach

Baskets with jewelries


The Locals had quite lots to sell, some sold coconut, materials and clothes, beads, handmade wooden items, baskets, beach wears and bags, hats and jewelries. I happened to purchase some of the items and they were lovely.

Tarkway bay beach

Dance time


Tarkway bay beach

No farewells

Upon our departure, we had the local children haggling around begging to assist us so they can get tips. We shared some of what we had with them and they were very happy. At about 4:30pm we headed back to Bonny camp and there came out departure to our various locations.
It was a fun experience for me and I am glad I didn’t miss it.

Have you visited Takwa Bay Beach or any beach in Lagos? Let us know about your experience.
Lots of love, from LEE.


HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.


  • Nedoux

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    I enjoyed reading your recap.

    It was a fun outing. 🙂

  • Lydia Ekeng

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    Thanks Nedoux. @Habibat, there would be next time


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