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  • Jun 27 2017

    Blue Vintage dress- what other way to make your summer wishbook a reality

    “What goes around, goes around, goes around and comes all the way back round ┬áby Justin Timberlake”. This song is very particular in fashion trends. Take a journey back into time with 60’s inspired fashion. 60’s inspired fashion is gradually making a come back especially our dear mother vintage style, psychedelic prints, color blocking or […]

  • Jun 17 2017

    My Aso Ebi Style – how to look stylish amongst you Aso Ebi friends

      You can recreate your style as many times as there are outfits in the world. I think for that reason we all love fashion. I recreate myself, that’s my only power. Hello style lovers! Happy Father’s Day. How is your weekend going? Mine was going well until my dressmaker disappointed me. I nearly cried, […]

  • Jun 15 2017


    “Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of having tried too hard to be strong for too long”   Hello everyone! Hope the week is treating you well? Blogging for me has never just been about fashion and style. Unfortunately, have been struggling to add other niche to my blog without confusing my […]

  • Jun 11 2017


    Fashion/lifestyle 2nd Corinthians 6:2 For He said, I have thee in a time accepted, and in the day of Salvation I have succoured thee: Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of Salvation. Hello lovelies, HAPPY SUNDAY! I didn’t want to write a post on this outfit because my blog is […]

  • May 24 2017

    Lekki Conservation Center Lagos

    Lekki Conservation Center has always been on my list of places to visit, when i heard about the tour by Explore Lagos i immediately jumped at the opportunity.The day started out beautiful and sunny when we got settled in the buses to leave, it started to rain. This was my first visit to Lekki Conservation […]

  • May 19 2017

    MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY // The beginning

    lifestyle.     Hello everyone! Have you recently big chopped?Are you currently transitioning?Are you in the awkward in-between natural stage?Whatever your situation is we will be sharing it here and we can journey together.  It feels right to start blogging about my natural hair journey which started about a year and 5 month ago. I […]

  • May 12 2017


     All you got to do is pull it off your shoulders                                                                                                                     Lydia Ekeng Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are the year’s key silhouette. When you are not sure of what to wear for your big event, just put them clothes off-the-shoulder and you will  be GOOD TO GO. Shoulders are the IN, […]

  • May 10 2017


    A PARADISE IN THE DESERT. Have I told you guys about Omu Resort? Nope? Well you are in for a treat. We spent the last weekend at this breathtaking property at Lekki-Epe road, Lagos. Omu resort is a go destination for families, couples, group of friends and organizations. We parked our bags with anticipation to […]

  • Apr 21 2017

    Styling your office jacket outside work.

      Hey guys! What’s up? Hope you are all doing great? I went for a friends wedding yesterday and I lost my voice due to shouting and screaming. So, I couldn’t make it to work today because my job allows me  do a lot of talking and since I can’t speak out loud for today […]

  • Mar 26 2017


    Blogging evolves as a literally form, its generating a new and quintessentially postmodern idiom that’s enabling writers to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before. Its truths are provisional, and its ethos collective and messy, yet the interaction it enables between writers and readers is unprecedented, visceral, and sometimes brutal […]