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It’s Nigeria Independence, who said we shouldn’t celebrate?/ Happy 57th Independence

Birthday wish/Nigerian Independence


57th Independence Nigeria

Nigeria: Happy 57th Independence Nigeria


Nigeria is my Country and my Heritage. Have never wished to have been born to another heritage. Through all our toils and troubles we have been able to stay strong and resilient. In an argument in daily post Nigeria, One of the congress member had said “our staying together has been at the cost of innocent blood and outright violation of the fundamental rights of Nigerians”. But I won’t agree that we should not celebrate. It is not out of place if we roll out our drums today to celebrate this feat, but then one would ask why we should. This day remind us of our heritage, the vision and struggles of our founders, who had the cause to question and acquire our independence in the first place. They deserve our celebration even in their graves.

Nigeria 57th Independence

Happy 57th Independence Nigeria


Yes! we know the country is going through  insurgencies, collapsed educational system, gross unemployment, ritual killing, cultism, prostitution/rape, mass emigration, de-industrialisation, tribalism and nepotism, inept leadership, environmental challenge, infrastructural decay, gender issues, kidnapping, YahooPlus, corruption and anti-graft, and recently Badoo in Ikorodu but then, we are all folding our hands and looking for who to pass blames on. Nigeria cannot give up her Unity

Our key functionaries, the government, the institutions, the constitution must be made to work respectively and religiously like it is done elsewhere. Pesticides, Insecticides and rodenticides,  must be used to kill and sent away those farm animals eating up our plants.  We cannot achieve result when we have death systems and no harvest.

Let’s stop accusing, pointing fingers and  condemning the earlier leaders when we all have a role to play for the betterment of our nation. Let’s stop making up excuses for why the system isn’t working and administration is not making progress but let’s preach transparency, Love, unity and peace as we had agreed to be when we were just one year old. No more excuses people. Let’s start The plan and let’s believe in it and make it work. Nigeria for me is a work in progress and I won’t stop believing in her.

Nigeria 57th Independence

Happy 57th Independence Nigeria


I promise you, other counties are watching and waiting for Nigeria to blossom and I pray we all will be there to sound the church bell that we have made our papa’s proud.

I rest my case. Until next time…AM LEE

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