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    Hello everyone!

Have you recently big chopped?
Are you currently transitioning?
Are you in the awkward in-between natural stage?
Whatever your situation is we will be sharing it here and we can journey together.

 It feels right to start blogging about my natural hair journey which started about a year and 5 month ago. I made up my mind to go natural ‘hair wise’ first of all, not because it is fast becoming a fad or I didn’t have money to go to the salon but because I was tired of my un-healthy damage chemical treated hair that seemed to be stagnant. I suffered from breakage, split end, uneven length and lots of other hair damage catastrophe for God knows how long.

 So far it’s been an amazing journey I must say and by the end of May, my hair would have been a year and 5months. It’s been quite a journey and I am loving and not loving every bit of it.
I’ll be sharing some product I make use of in my subsequent post.

 Until next time…AM LEE