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My trip to Obudu Ranch Resort/ CROSS RIVER STATE


Obudu Mountain Resort is a tourist attraction in Cross River State close to Cameroun boarder. the mountain was developed by Mc Caughley(a Scottish), Mr Hugh Dones and Dr Crawfield in 1951.
the mountain resort attracts lots of local and international visitors yearly especially during Christmas period and the international mountain race that take place late November. the ranch is a very perfect spot for family, lovers, and group vacations.

I really miss the ranch resort and would love to go back soon. This wasn’t my first trip to the ranch but my best so far. We had it planned from the  accommodation, feeding to the Resort tour.

   I left Lagos to Calabar then to Obudu. My flight from Lagos was delayed for almost an hour but then I got to Calabar at about 11am and we started our journey to the ranch at 2pm. The journey from Calabar to Obudu takes about 8hours. We got to Obudu at 11pm, we hired a cab to the ranch where we  had booked for our accommodation. We stayed at the African hut. Due to the altitude the resort is usually cold in the morning so we made sure we packed clothes that will keep us warm.

The first day on the ranch wasn’t well planned but we had it all figured out. Since we weren’t entitle to breakfast for that day, we had to go to the local market to get some food to eat. I ate egusi and eba, well prepared by the locals. At that  time the weather was still very cold and so when we got to the room we rested for a while before heading  out for some tour and sight seeing

We visited the Becheve where we walked on the canopy walkway made of steel and robes.

we got to the water fall where we had a drink from the spring and took some pictures.

 We had  dinner at anape restaurant and headed back to the arena for the music, comedy show, festival dance, Christmas carol, face of ranch and the firework display. Day one featured a wedding anniversary party for a couple who were married for 25years. We had dance dance dance…went back to the room and had a cold sleep.

The second day was much better although I was so sad I missed the tour for that day and so I decided I would stay indoor for that day. The lunch and breakfast came in time.. Day two featured an engagement, comedy show and dance.

We made sure we didn’t miss tour for the third day. Immediately after breakfast we headed for the tour. We visited the mountain hill villa, the Governor’s lounge, the Presidencial retreat seat out, the Aeroplane field overview, we had a view of the waterfall. We went to the Holy mountain where we had a view of the Cameroun border, the Benue low plane, the keyi village… It was a splendid one although the tour made us leave the ranch late. After the tour we headed back to Calabar for the bikers carnival and the Calabar street party(coming soon on the blog). We had few challenges here and there but since I was out for the fun I barely noticed it. It was quite an experience, one you should have.

Have you visited the Obudu mountain resort? What are your experiences.

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