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Love and dating / Dating a blogger girl friend or boyfriend (Part One) /Tips

Dating a blogger can also have its difficulties and challenges. The rest of the world (outside the blogging world), don’t actually understand what it takes to keep up a successful blog. They also don’t see it as a business or job. For bloggers taking a photo is like replying to bunch of emails in the corporate world. So when two fashion bloggers come together, it can be special and unbreakable, a mutual respect and bond.

Dating a blogger

PLEASE take note, these are just a few tips I put together and there are not only for bloggers, I’m sure you can learn one or two things from here too.

Understand your spouse: First of all, you have to understand the person you are in a relationship with. Dating a blogger has many highs and perks but there are also a few things you need to understand with regards to “normal” relationship issues. Understanding is a key ingredient. How you think about and interpret your partner’s actions, intentions, and words also affects how you feel and understand a situation, which in turn affects how you behave toward them.Love they say keeps the relationship but I say Understanding keeps the marriage. Imagine you’re dating a blogger and you are of the opinion that blogging isn’t a job and just a waste of time, imagine how miserable that relationship would be. Understand each other’s passion, love and career is necessary, by so doing you will be able to work together with ease.

Dating a blogger

Trust him/her by Give her some space: Trust they say “is earned, not given”. Learn / practice to trust each other. I always tell people, I don’t want to marry a man I love but the one I trust. For trust so covers all. If I trust a man, it means I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I don’t know about you, but when I date, I will love to spend the rest of my life with that person. So, in my post you will likely see words like “marry” “spend the rest of my life” “spouse” … All I’m saying is trust your spouse. TRUST that she is truly going for an event and not a man’s house, trust that she love you and give her some breathing space.

Love yourself: The relationship you have with yourself is arguably the foundation on which your other relationships is built, and studies are supporting this notion. High self-esteem predicts better relationship satisfaction, and high self-esteem of both partners is an even better predictor of strong relationship satisfaction. Moreover, people who love themselves appear to respond more constructively and positively during conflict when they think their partner is committed to the relationship, whereas people who don’t, do this even when they believe their partner is committed. Love yourself, give yourself a self-education, treats, go someplace unique and different or that place you’ve always wanted to go. This will help you know ourself more. Don’t wait for your partner to discover those part of you which you should be telling him about. Love yourself and you will see how Easter it will be for him/her to love you.

Are you’ve dating a blogger? Or dating / in a relationship? please leave a tips in comment box  below.

love y’all.


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