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Who Inspire Me / Motivational Post.

Have always wanted to start writing motivational post for my blog, I figured out there’s no best time but now. I get a lot of questions on who inspire me. Well, the answer is “I just got much energy in me and have got a mirror”.

Apart from my love for fashion and style, I also want to take out time to write more motivational post and inspirational post just to use both to level my life and so others can get inspired. I was born into a polygamous home and my father was very strict. Imagine living in a home where you don’t get to watch the television , where you constantly watch your mother and your step mother fighting each day for something as small as moving a chair from its place. A home where you don’t get to leave your room except when your sent on an errand because you wouldn’t want your dad to catch you outside the compound. A home where the siblings don’t love each other because their parents have brain washed them to hating one another. A home where …

Have learned to grow in such environment and so nothing can easily break me now. I learned to run instead of crawl, I learned to wake instead of sleep, I learned to pray instead of cry. All this happened years ago and so I believed they are my past.

Who inspire me

I inspire me


I grew up self-motivated. I got inspiration from books and novels because that’s all I got the opportunity to see. What really inspires me?

I get inspired by that old woman whose kids are in school, who is selling beans cake (akara) by Iyana-Ipaja market.

No I am not inspired by people who have it all figured out. I am inspired by people who are working hard everyday trying to figure it out. I am inspired by people who say ‘I’ve Failed before, which means this time things will be different and I must succeed. 

I am inspired by people who took a crappy situation, accepted personal responsibility, and changed their fate. I am inspired by people who refuse to fall victim to ‘good enough syndrome’. They instead compare themselves to who they were yesterday and refuse to compromise.

If you don’t have it all figured out, don’t worry. Nobody else does. If you are struggling like I am everyday, please don’t forget to give yourself a quiet fist pump for getting in the game in the first place and figuring it out. I had no clue what I wanted to do or what I was doing at the beginning, and to this day girl! I got no clue…but everyday is an opportunity to learn, adjust, adapt and be better than yesterday.

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity or a perfect plan, it results in nothing ever happening. Remember that old cliche,

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

Educate yourself everyday by reading books, listening to clips am sure that’s how those that made it did, you need to start something to make something happen.

Try and don’t be afraid to fail, but make sure you fail differently. that’s how they that made it did it.

So this is me bringing to you in full force my motivational post page so you can get that burst of motivation when all hope seems lost. Don’t compare your daily struggles against somebody else’s highlight reel. God created us all differently and He aspect us to bear different fruits.

I’ll love to hear from you on the comment box. What inspires you and where do you get your inspiration?

Until next time…AM LEE.

HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.


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