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2nd Corinthians 6:2

For He said, I have thee in a time accepted, and in the day of Salvation I have succoured thee: Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of Salvation.

Hello lovelies, HAPPY SUNDAY!

I didn’t want to write a post on this outfit because my blog is still a work in progress and also my photographer got me angry and we past time for my shoot and when we finally had the shoot i didn’t like the picture quality, the sun had gone down and i had to struggle with my iphone 6s camera.I decided to write after receiving lots of comments and questions on how my outfit was made, the cost and materials. So this post was written to answer all the questions and hopefully any one that could arise.

I saw this outfit online, and I fell in love with it at first sight just because I love loose and oversized clothing. I traced its origin to Muehleder there i saw that this outfit goes for $325. what the f**k right! thats what I thought too. Thats almost someone’s salary in a month. I decided to contact my designer and she got so smart at it. She got the materials and started making the gown. The materials went for #850 per yard which we got 5yards for the grey and 2yards for the white and her sewing is quite affordable. So, if you love love this outfit and want to own one just contact us


Thank you for all the comments and love. Don’t forget to drop your comment on the box below.

love you all, UNTIL NEXT TIME…AM LEE.

HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.


  • Habibat Yusuf

    / Reply

    Babe, I need this because I am so in love right now. It’s so pretty.

    • Lydia Ekeng

      / Reply

      lolz! you know you can rock it in another way. thanks honey.

  • Scholar

    / Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful…how can I order this please

    • Lydia Ekeng

      / Reply

      thanks babe. you know how to contact me “winks”

  • dleonalife

    / Reply

    Sorry about the photographer thing* I know how that can be although I have been really blessed. You know I love this gown, it is too gorgeous. Would patiently wait for when you wee snap it again, want to see the front o. Lol
    Have a beautiful week

    • Lydia Ekeng

      / Reply

      okay ma, Thank you very much i appreciate the comment.”kisses”

  • Odawayi

    / Reply

    I want too
    Nice outfit


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