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Fashion essentials / Basket bags making a huge come back in a different way.

It’s officially fashion season and that means only one thing, time to dress cozy. For me this includes lots of jumper dresses and cute little bags. Fashion essentials this seasons must have / trendy bag has to be basket bag.

Fashion essentials

I’m literally so obsessed with it. I got one finally and since have been on a hunt for it for a while now I think I’ve got the perfect one.

Fashion essentials

bags are so versatile and easy to pair. They are cute and am so obsessed with them. This basket bag is made so carefully which gives it that unique look. It’s so thrilling and exciting watching this beautiful hands who craft. Such a wonderful piece from raffia, robes and threads. It is no more news that everyone was given talent and it’s left for each of us to find out what it is and stick to it. Even God had His when he made man from clear. Oh! How I wished I was there.

Fashion essentials

I can’t wait to rock this lovely statement and well crafted piece.

Fashion essentials

whats your favorite essential this season?

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