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Lekki Conservation Center has always been on my list of places to visit, when i heard about the tour by Explore Lagos i immediately jumped at the opportunity.
The day started out beautiful and sunny when we got settled in the buses to leave, it started to rain. This was my first visit to Lekki Conservation Center and i was anticipating a lot. why will this rain want to spoil everything for me, i thought. I was hoping it would stop before we arrive but it got much heavier when we got to Lekki Conservation Center.
After the necessary payment, we got settled and waited a while before heading into the amazing natural vegetation.
Lekki Conservation Center is run by Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) since 1990. Their mission is to promote sustainable use of natural resources for the present future generation and preserve the Nigerian ecosystem.
It is a beautiful natural habitat housing lots of animals which are allowed to move freely in the ecosystem. some of the animals include monkeys, fishes, snakes  and others.

 We took a long walk on the nature trail through the forest to the relaxation spots.

The relaxation area had swings, huts with chairs, cheese court, fish ponds and  monkeys were hanging around almost having some sessions with us, lol!. We had lunch and games when it was about 4pm we headed to the tree house and the canopy walkway.

The canopy walk is said to be the longest in Africa. They are about 7 walkways and we had an awesome experience walking scarily on them although this wasn’t my fist experience on one, have been on a canopy walkway on My trip to Obudu ranch resort .

Heading back to the entrance we met with the tortoise and peacock. I could tell they were happy to see us.
 Lekki Conservation Center is a fascinating conservation and so, if you want to have a feel of nature in its original state you should stop by Lekki Conservation Center.
Have you been to Lekki Conservation Center? What was your experience?
For  me, i  didn’t have much fun because of the rain, although I was able to meet different people and network which is very important to me. I will love to visit LCC again.

Love you guys. Until next time…AM LEE.