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An alternative Easter getaway guide / An excuse for a fun Easter holiday in Cross River State.)

When it comes to fun weekend/ Easter getaway, I don’t take much persuading, and with Easter around the corner and Cross River state / Calabar, being full of gorgeous places to visit, what best time to combine few days break with a bit of fun.

If the thought of crowded city centers and jostling through another jam-packed tourist states leaves you cold, it’s time to embark on an alternative Easter experience.

Easter getaway

You need the break.

Thanks to our buddies in Calabar we can have a perfect Easter getaway and embrace the festive season with twinkling light, Calabar kitchen with affordable delicacies, Tinapa lake side resort, boat ride at Marina, camp retreat at Cross River National park, Obudu Mountain resort and more.

Calabar kitchen: One of the things Calabar is known for is their lovely delicacies. Across the city, nice fast foods that serve tasty dishes and there are other local restaurants  that are very affordable and serve delicacies like” Afang” soup, “Banga” soup, vegetable soup, white soup, fisherman soup and lots more. Especially for people like me that love eating  “eba” for breakfast. Lol!

Tinapa: Tinapa is a mixed-use development sitting on 265 hectares of land, comprising a business wing and leisure resort. You can have as much fun you need there. You can lodge in the Tinapa lake side hotel which is one of the best hotels in Calabar, take a ride on the mono train, enjoy a long swim at the pool side and lots more.

Marina: This was built in May 26, 2007 to promote tourism in Calabar. It is notable as a recreational and learning destination.
The slave trade museum used to be the point of call where thirty percent of captured slaves where shipped off to Europe. Marina Resort is the fresh breath of air which you need to relax from stress, with its wide range of facilities ranging from the slave museum to restaurants to lounges, you are assured of a fun.

Before heading to Marina Resort, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

swimming gear, shorts, slippers, a camera.
while you’re there, you can relax by the ocean, visit the slave trade museum, go sightseeing, boat ride, see a movie  or club. It is not only a fun place, but it is also an historical site with relics from the slave trade.

Festival village: This place is designed to accommodate large crowd for the Calabar festival shows. Like the music presentation by Nigerian artists, Christmas tree lighting ceremony, carol night and lots more. It is alway fun filled and a really nice spot to complete your Easter getaway.

Cross River State National Park: The National park isn’t left out. If you want to have a feel of nature in it’s original state then go hiking and site seeing at the national Park. Join a group on a discovery tour and you are sure to have much fun.

Easter getaway

It’s going to fun.

Obudu Ranch resort: This is the most exotic location in Cross River state (I stand corrected). WE Call it, Heaven on earth. I am sure you are tired of the heat and you need a chill spot to hang around with friends and family. I recommend Obudu ranch resort. I last visited Obudu ranch resort in 2016 and it was real fun. Many tour agencies and travel companies are organizing an easter getaway to Obudu, don’t forget to join the group.

Easter getaway

Ok! Bye

Other tourist sites are the Mary Slessor tomb, the drill ranch and ” Cercopan”, kwa falls, Abogkim waterfalls which are all in Cross River State.

Making your Easter memorable should be intentional. You sure need an Easter getaway.

Have a lovely holiday in Advance. Much love.

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