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Diy Stoned Denim / how to stone your clothes yourself

DIY stoned/beaded denim has become a very popular fashion trend. It is easy this days to craft stylist clothes with few easy steps that helps you revamp your wardrobe. DIY let’s you turn outdated outfits to new trendy and stylist pieces.

Dearest ladies of style I must say, It’s an honor to have you back here. Welcome back to my hotspot.
“Keep calm and learn how to stone your outfits”

Before I go into details on how I achieved my lovely stoned denim, I want to say a very big thank you to my readers who despite not seeing my post for the past one month were still able to click on my blog link today. Thanks guys. It happened that after I purchased my self host website I didn’t redirect my GoDaddy self host to WordPress, when GoDaddy got fed of me they decided to lock down my account until I did the needful. Thanks to my busy head who took almost a month to realize that. So guys, am back and hearty.

If you are a diy lover, today I will take you on the different steps I took to achieve this lovely stoned denim style. By now you all are aware of my recent love for stoned and beaded outfits. So I decided to try it myself for the first time and it came out just fine.


Stoned items on flat lay

• DENIM TROUSERS, you can decide to stone any of your outfit it doesn’t have to be a denim trousers or jacket.
• STONES, they are of different color but I decided to make do with silver. Note: when buying stones in the market, check for the ones with black color underneath instead of green. They are the original stones.
• STEAM IRON, any iron will do the job. (If you are not using a steam iron you should have water around to sprinkle on the outfit before pressing).


• Place your denim trousers or any material you have decided to use on a table.

• Gently place the stones on the material making sure to create an even arrangement or pattern.

• Take the steam iron and place gently on the beads to cover a particular area and leave for about 30 seconds.
• Repeat this on other areas of the material until you have covered the material or pattern you want to create.
• Tadaha…. your stoned outfit is ready.

Stoned heels

Stoned in view.

Stoning outfits have become a very lucrative job. I remember asking a tailor to stone one of my Ankara outfit and she told me she charges 5k and I am like are the stones imported? I finally stoned same outfit for 1k and now I can simply do my stoning myself.
Now I prefer stoning my outfit to beading them. For me beading takes more of my time when I can just let an iron do the job for me.

checkout more on how to stone your outfit on



DIY stoned denim trousers

What do you think about my stoned trousers? Which do you prefer, stoning or beading?

Let us know on the comment box below.
Until next time…AM LEE

HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.


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