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  • birthday
    Sep 30 2017

    My birthday wishlist / Birthday giveaway.

        My birthday wish-list is up guys! I am going to be a year older tomorrow. I know, l am getting old right? As I get older all I can think of is how old I am in such a little time. Then I keep thinking of what I have achieved in the past twenty […]

  • Aug 14 2017

    Gingham trend- how I styled my gingham pattern a cool way.

    Gingham trend is making a come back. It has become a casual statement piece and a trend everyone would love to be associated with. Funny to say, my best style when it comes to gingham trend is the bikini. I will love to own a gingham bikini soonest. Dearest ladies of fashion, I took off […]

  • Jul 27 2017

    About me- Givers never lacks as a slogan/ Esmadelle made it

    “Givers never lacks” “I am myself because my original is worth more than a copy. I am the most awesome person I know”.     Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. DRUM ROLLS… I am so happy to have you here. Today i will be telling you some things you don’t know about me. […]

  • Jul 14 2017

    Styling bodycon dresses / Styling your off shoulder top on a body con dress

     By dressing like the supreme, sharp, self-assured woman you aspire to be, you are motivating and empowering yourself to actually become that woman. RACHEAL ROY, Designer   Hello there! How is the week going? hope yours is better than mine. This past week have been tough for me you know, but, am sure everything will […]

  • Jun 27 2017

    Blue Vintage dress- what other way to make your summer wishbook a reality

    “What goes around, goes around, goes around and comes all the way back round  by Justin Timberlake”. This song is very particular in fashion trends. Take a journey back into time with 60’s inspired fashion. 60’s inspired fashion is gradually making a come back especially our dear mother vintage style, psychedelic prints, color blocking or […]

  • Jun 17 2017

    My Aso Ebi Style – how to look stylish amongst you Aso Ebi friends

      You can recreate your style as many times as there are outfits in the world. I think for that reason we all love fashion. I recreate myself, that’s my only power. Hello style lovers! Happy Father’s Day. How is your weekend going? Mine was going well until my dressmaker disappointed me. I nearly cried, […]

  • Oct 23 2016


    Hello style lovers, Happy Sunday! And I hope you are having a wonderful weekend because mine is really going on as expected. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with the story of my life…, let’s just say I have been looking forward to having my own “blog-space” and here I am so excited I finally […]