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  • Lagos fashion week
    Nov 01 2017

    Street Style As Seen At Lagos Fashion Week 2017

    Lagos fashion week was a huge success for me. The event which held on the 25th – 28th of October 2017 brought  together fashion expertise, designers, models, and crowd of fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to witness the event. Some of the designers that showcased are Eki Orleans, Style Temple, Ejiro Amos Afiri, […]

  • Birthday wish/Nigerian Independence
    Oct 01 2017

    It’s Nigeria Independence, who said we shouldn’t celebrate?/ Happy 57th Independence

        Nigeria is my Country and my Heritage. Have never wished to have been born to another heritage. Through all our toils and troubles we have been able to stay strong and resilient. In an argument in daily post Nigeria, One of the congress member had said “our staying together has been at the […]