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Blue Vintage dress- what other way to make your summer wishbook a reality

“What goes around, goes around, goes around and comes all the way back round  by Justin Timberlake”.

This song is very particular in fashion trends. Take a journey back into time with 60’s inspired fashion. 60’s inspired fashion is gradually making a come back especially our dear mother vintage style, psychedelic prints, color blocking or bright color outfits, monochrome, plaids, stripes and other come back fashion trends. As much as i love trying out new trends and new colors i always feel more confident styling monochrome to bright colored outfit. (will talk more about come back trends on our next post)


Lets talk about this outfit. If you have noticed, am not really keen about some certain outfit, yea i love body con dresses and tops, i love denim and bohemian, but what i love best are “go-big” outfits. For the record, i have a perfect shape,lol! but i feel more confident and easy when those “area boys” in my area don’t stare and whistle at me when i pass especially when i have to trek a certain distance on shorts or a body con dress. Fashion for me is not about just looks but also how happy and confident you feel when putting on certain outfit.


A friend  of mine once said that when you are recreating or coping a look you have to consider your brand, your fashion sense(style) and most especially the message your trying to convey to your audience. Don’t just put on an outfit because a particular person wore it so perfectly. It might not look the same way on you, really. Give your audience that idea about the kind of blog they are visiting or the kind of person they are following. Its not a crime for them to have expectations and anticipate your post every time. I for one have some bloggers i wait upon their post and i fell everyone should have that one person. Be your own definition of fashion and let others see you for who you are (I talked about recreating on my last post, you might want to check it out). Build a colony of like minded individuals and let them explore life with you, i guess that’s part of what we are living for.

Gone are the days where pleats were meant for just the waist line. Now you can basically pleat any point in an outfit, the sleeves, the waist, the neck line and  you can do a drop waist pleat. So now i will allow you take a mod  journey back into time with this blue vintage dress with pleated sleeve.


Dress: DIY

Accessories: Neck piece from desire1709fashion

Shoes: christian Lorbatin heels and Regency flat slippers from thriftwithstyle

Bag: F & F

PS: I have this announcement to make on my next post, so lets stay put.

Until next time…AM LEE


HELLO LOVELIES! My name is Lydia Ekeng and I am a Nigerian. I am a scientist, a seamstress and a lover of fashion. I am inspired by myself( when I say myself I mean my passion for fashion) and everything I see around me. I love to dress up and I am here to show us how to look stylish with what is already in our closet and what we can afford. STAY WITH ME... LOVE YOU.



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