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Love and Dating / Dating a blogger girlfriend/boyfriend (Part Two).

Dating a blogger? “I secretly went to a photography school  but I did not tell her about it. I now accept  compliments on my photography skill modestly and secretly. Now think of the few hundred hours of lessons that went into it.” Mario testifies.

Dating a blogger

Learn to take pictures: Be ready to take street style photos every time while getting a lesson on how to take the perfect photo with the right angle and lighting. You don’t have to go Learn in a school like Mario, but it does help to pick up some tips and tricks about the basic needs and rules of photography.

Buy her contents: Be ready to spend on fashion item when gifting him/her. No more personalized stuffs like boyfriend/girlfriend t-shirt or mug, but outfits to create content for the blog.

Read books and fashion magazines: So you don’t get lost or out of mind when he/she is talking about some fashion shows, events, styles and looks. Let her know you understand what he or she is saying and even if you don’t, nod, act like you do, and bring ideas on how the blogging business can move forward even if it’s just once.

Dating a blogger

Be Patient : Hanging out with a blogger sometimes means that time needs will “freeze” for the perfect shot. This particularly is a test when food has arrived to a table and you are very hungry. You can not start your food before the perfect shot Osborne taken and this can take a few tests and a few minutes, (minutes that seem like hours for hungry men) but my advice is.. just give her the time, it is not worth the battle, sometimes it actually means a free meal if the restaurant is clever enough to recognize the marketing value.

Follow her to events: Dating a blogger could mean going foand when you do please make sure you have as much fun as she is having. She won’t want to feel like she is boring you or making you uncomfortable.

Not always having what to wear: This is a common “blogger” problem, although they have 3000 items in their closet she claims to have nothing to wear, if your blogger girlfriend says she has enough clothes WORRY ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH, something is wrong. LOL!

But seriously if you can tackle all these issues you do have the best possible girlfriend you can wish for, always up to par with the latest trends, always receiving great upgrades and perks, free hotels and lots of gadgets and someone you can follow around the world without a boring day. Be proud to stand next to her in her ongoing adventures.

Dating a blogger

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