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Things to do before approaching brands for sponsorship and partnership / Blogging tips

Hi lovelies, I spoke about how to approach brands without dealing with what to do before approaching brands for sponsorship . Well, here it is and i hope you forgive me for that.
When it comes to blogging there are lots of things that are unspoken. A lot of people like to keep their contact to themselves, their audience and their ideas especially from other bloggers. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a competition or not. But, what I’ve found to be the biggest struggle in the industry is getting work as a blogger and the subject of payment. Once upon a time, a magazine contacted me, they wanted me to write articles for the company and they will pay me N500 a week for 3 articles. Hmmm! So I thought. Can you imagine how insulting and disturbing that can be. I quietly and gently told them I’m not available just to preserve my sanity.

Approaching brands for sponsorship

I started blogger about a year ago and I know lots of people who started making money one month after they launched their blog, but I didn’t think making money should be the priority. I never asked for money as I didn’t know how to go about it, meeting brands was a very hard task for me and I felt so shy and embarrassed to bring up money topics to them not until I met some bloggers who enlightened me.

first things first, before you meet a brand, you much have put all this things in place.

Approaching brands for sponsorship

Approaching brands for sponsorship

Have a decent Following: In order to secure job as a blogger, the one thing you have to do before considering payments is having a good number of audience whom you can engage. Make sure you have a substantial following. Blogging has become a great way for brands to market their products and when they send something to you they want to see a return investment. You must not have thousands and millions of followers but then have a decent number of following, people who love your contents and are ready to engage with you.

Have high quality image: This is key as no one wants to see blurry and carved out images on your blog or page. Don’t go out and splurge on a massive DSLR because someone else’s has one. Phone cameras produces very high quality images this days and I can attest to that. I have been using my Iphone to take my pictures since I started blogging and I don’t feel the rush to get a camera. Don’t get me wrong, if you have money for a good camera, please by all means, go for it. Take images at daylight as everything looks better in the day. Please and please don’t post blurry images except for some reason it’s part of the content you’re creating.

Approaching brands for sponsorship

Once you have both of this sorted out, I think it’s time to think of approaching brands for sponsorship and  partnership. (Read previous post)

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