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Styling your office jacket outside work.

Hope you are all doing great? I went for a friends wedding yesterday and I lost my voice due to shouting and screaming. So, I couldn't make it to work today because my job allows me  do a lot of talking and since I can't speak out loud for today I just didn't bother going to prevent embarrassment.

Since I couldn't  go to work today i decided why not do a post today. Okay! Today's look is a little flirty😜. "Viewers discretion is advised"😀😀. Lolz! This is me styling my office jacket which I took off the sleeves to give some casual look. 
The jacket is always in the style mix, be it long or short. While it can be boring atimes you can make it look more vibrant by pairing it with a funky or playful garment. Balance the jacket or blazer look with an amorphous top, a flirty dress or a frilly skirt.

It also go well with shorts/short skirts. It's simplicity makes it ideal for both day and night outings. I always wanted to loosen my style a bit because I a…
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Blogging evolves as a literally form, its generating a new and quintessentially postmodern idiom that's enabling writers to express themselves in ways that have never been seen or understood before. Its truths are provisional, and its ethos collective and messy, yet the interaction it enables between writers and readers is unprecedented, visceral, and sometimes brutal and makes no mistakes: It heralds a golden era for journalism                                                                                                    
                                                        Andrew Sullivan


This is where i am , this is what i want to do, this is what i have, and this is what i feel constantly drawn to.
Some months have passed since i started blogging and have been trying to come up with this catchy post on why i started blogging in the first place. Why am i investing in something my mum would call silly? Why am i doing this?

There are so many reasons people go in…



Hello lovely people!

Yay! It's  FRIYAY!

I love fridays so much, it reminds me how much work the weekend has for me. I work and blog and the only time I have to take pictures for my blog is on weekends.

Okay guys have been blogging for exactly 5months and a day now, I must say it's been a great experience for me. I don't really love writing, the fact is I always fail in my English language exams back in high school. Back then my essay and comprehensions were my problems, you can easily mistake my English note book for a drawing book since my teacher doesn't hesitate circling, and cancelling some wrong spellings and write up which I wrote with boldness.lolz!. What am I saying is, I hate writing. I never thought blogging would be a thing for me since back then I felt it was all about writing.When i started blogging I realized it wasn't only about writing post but the passion you put in doing what your doing. This is the best way I show people how much I …

Takway Bay Beach With OWTB// The Safest beach in Nigeria


Hello fun lovers!

 I hope your doing great? I had this amazing trip to Takway Bay Beach for the second time, i never got the opportunity to write about it the first time(did'nt start blogging then).

On this wonderful Saturday morning we started a trip to Takway bay beach
Takwa bay beach is a united community of peaceful Nigerian located at the habour entrance. The beach is popular with swimmers and water sport enthusiasts and a welcome resident population. A breeze blows gently in the air and the waters are tamed. Far in a distance there is nothing to see, just a seemingly endless stretch of the Atlantic. A banner positioned within sight describe the beach as 'the safest beach in Nigeria'.

To get to Takway Bay Beach(TBB) we took a speed canoe from Mekwe beach(jetty) near Bonny camp. The cost per person was unknown since we went in group but, after asking I was told it's about #1000. For those that worry about where to park their vehicle, worry less. It's a…

Sound Of Collaborattion


Bloggers That Collaborate Grows Together.

Hello Lovelies!

Here I am finally doing collaborations, DRUM ROLLS!!!!!!!
I got connected with Royal Biba of the first time I met her at one of the bloggers meetings sometime last year and since then we have kept in touch which has given birth to this collaboration. Collaboration for me is one of the best part in blogging reasons being that I get to meet with bloggers and I get to know them more.

It was a quite beautiful  sunny Saturday, we connected and here we are telling you how okay it is to style your long sleeved top with a kimono.

Just a little story... Before now, I wanted us to do the shoot in some place classy and nice(location is alway an issue for me) but then after approaching some hotels around my vicinity, their response was barbaric and I got so pissed. So, I decided to pick a hot spot in the estate where I live. And I can say it wasn't bad atall.

About our outfit, I love Biba…