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  • Dec 14 2017

    Don’t wear two statement pieces at a time / Fashion tip of the day + styling denim skirt

    When it comes to statement pieces one has to be very careful not to over look a look. I always make sure I make that one statement piece the only statement piece that I wear. Here is a fashion tip of the day: don’t wear two statement pieces at a time.¬†This tip is very vital […]

  • Dec 10 2017

    My best Childhood Christmas songs / Christmas songs I’ll forever remember

    Christmas is well and truly near and I anticipate that special christmas jellof rice, the fried rice, events, shows, Christmas songs and trees , although not as I would when I was a child. Remember Father Christmas? Oh! No it’s Santa ClausūüėÄ. I remember my mum getting me new shoes, clothes and underwear which I […]

  • Lagos fashion week
    Nov 01 2017

    Street Style As Seen At Lagos Fashion Week 2017

    Lagos fashion week was a huge success for me. The event which held on the 25th ‚Äď 28th of October 2017 brought¬† together fashion expertise, designers, models, and crowd of fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to witness the event. Some of the designers that showcased are Eki Orleans, Style Temple, Ejiro Amos Afiri, […]

  • Oct 08 2017

    Who Inspire Me / Motivational Post.

    Have always wanted to start writing motivational post for my blog, I figured out there’s no best time but now. I get a lot of questions on who inspire me. Well, the answer is “I just got much energy in me and have got a mirror”. Apart from my love for fashion and style, I¬†also […]

  • Birthday wish/Nigerian Independence
    Oct 01 2017

    It’s Nigeria Independence, who said we shouldn’t celebrate?/ Happy 57th Independence

        Nigeria is my Country and my Heritage. Have never wished to have been born to another heritage. Through all our toils and troubles we have been able to stay strong and resilient. In an argument in daily post Nigeria, One of the congress member had said “our staying together has been at the […]

  • birthday
    Sep 30 2017

    My birthday wishlist / Birthday giveaway.

        My birthday wish-list is up guys! I am going to be a year older tomorrow. I know, l am getting old right? As I get older all I can think of is how old I am in such a little time. Then I keep thinking of what I have achieved¬†in the past twenty […]

  • Sep 24 2017


    Cornucopia! Cornucopia! Cornucopia! I’m sure lots of you have heard this word severally on my Social media¬†page, but then, it was Cornucopia in the garden who won’t talk about it. Lol! Dearest ladies in fashion! I had an invite to the ¬†garden party from thebloggerpoint. and it was a Saturday, well! I had to attend […]

  • Beach day
    Sep 23 2017

    How I spent my weekend / Things you need for a beach day.

    We all know how relentless working in lagos¬†or working a 9/6 is and how hard it is to take a break or vacation. Many a times I look forward to a vacation on the beach or some place quiet¬†and nice.   I haven’t gotten much time as I want to travel, each time an opportunity¬†present […]

  • Sep 08 2017

    Diy Stoned Denim / how to stone your clothes yourself

    DIY stoned/beaded denim has become a very popular fashion trend. It is easy this days to craft stylist clothes with few easy steps that helps you revamp your wardrobe. DIY let’s you turn outdated outfits to new trendy and stylist pieces. Dearest ladies of style I must say, It‚Äôs an honor to have you back […]

  • Aug 14 2017

    Gingham trend- how I styled my gingham pattern a cool way.

    Gingham trend is making a come back. It has become a casual statement piece and a trend everyone would love to be associated with. Funny to say, my best style when it comes to gingham trend is the bikini. I will love to own a gingham bikini soonest. Dearest ladies of fashion, I took off […]